‘On the Seventh day of Christmas, Route 66 gave to me…’

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Dec 182011

The ‘source’ of Route 66

If there is ANY place to go to get ANY information on Route 66 – it’s this place! The number one website for Route 66 news, information, and stories.

Route 66 News is the brainchild of Ron Warnick who started the website back in 2006. I would find it far fetched to think of ANYONE reading this not to know of him or his website.

Route 66 News is a daily blog / post of pretty much anything (and everything) Route 66. Ron searches out stories, videos, other blogs, properties for sale, and anything news worthy or interesting for anyone who loves or who just might be curious – of Route 66.

I can honestly say – he is a huge driving force for the route. I would have to rank him easily in the Top 10 of those who are the ‘Who’s Who’ of Route 66.

Now, as you are reading this – you may be asking yourself: ‘WHY would this guy Ed Klein of Route 66 World post anything on Ron Warnick of Route 66 News?!?!’ The answer is a simple one – we are not competitors, and we BOTH have a deep, driven passion for the route – and ironically – we have the same vision for it: To make it enjoyable for everyone, while preserving it and keeping it alive for generations. Now, I can’t speak for Ron – but I think he would agree.

Also, out two website probably overlap 20-30% of the same information – where I am trying to post once a day (key word is trying folks!) where as Ron will post a thousand times a day – as long as the news is, well, newsworthy.

I have yet to meet Ron, but that day will be coming in the near future. We have no planned events we have talked about to meet at – but with he and I so involved in the route – the numbers add up in our favor.

IF (and man I mean IF!!) you have not been to his website, you can click HERE. You can also check him out on Facebook by clicking HERE.