‘2012 New Year’s Resolution’ – for Route 66

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Dec 312011

I started the tradition of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas – Route 66 Style’ and thought: ‘Why not follow up with what everyone else does – a New Year’s Resolution – Route 66 Style!.

This is not truly a resolution – but a checklist and / or goal sheet of what I would like to accomplish on Route 66 throughout the 2012 year. Now please note, I DO HAVE A LIFE! so this is as vast as I can get it without blowing it and not being able to accomplish ANY of them!

I have been thinking about the new year and what I would LIKE to do on the route, and what NEEDS to be done for the route.

The list is as follows:

#1) Work on at least 3-4 preservation projects. – This one will be easy and hard – depending on when and where. I do not mind the travel or time, just timing could be a factor. I have a few in mind though!

#2) Restore the 66 Motel sign – I have been waiting a year to do this one – I know this one will get done seeing I have been planning it all of 2011 – the neon though….

#3) Travel the stretch from Flagstaff to Santa Monica Pier. – I haven’t done this one in a LONG time – so I know things have changed and I probably forgot a bunch of stuff.

#4) Meet Dan Rice & Kumar– Well, if I am going to be driving past the WigWams and ending up at the pier….

#5) Join another Route 66 State Association – I am a business member of most of them (I have lost count!) so the other one(s) I am not a business member to – I need to be.

#6) Get on one of Jim Conkle’s Route 66 TV Show – I think he and I can work something out…!

#7) Get another video up on YouTube of either travel, restoration, or presentation. – This one will be somewhat easy – or maybe not…

Bonus ones which will be a LOT harder to hit:

#8) Give something back to Route 66 – I do not know how this one will pan out – but I will know it if / when it happens.

#9) Purchase a Historic Route 66 Land / Business – this is the ‘Hail Mary’ of the list and a great way to end it! (My wife will kill me if I do this one!!!)

I have a love for the route – and it is one thing to host a site, update it, post pictures or articles, but what do I want to do to give the actual travelers of the route who take their time and hard earned money to try to have the experience of a lifetime?

I think if each one of us reading this just did ONE thing (as simple as joining an association – it goes a lot FURTHER than you think), the route will be so much further ahead of where it needs to be.

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Thanks for following me throught the last year (and stay with me for the next year!) Happy New Years! and God Bless you and your families!!

Ed Klein
Route 66 World