So what does a model of a truck have to do with Route 66??

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Jan 162012

I used to be a ‘Master Modeler’ back in the 70’s and early 80’s (was part of the Revell Master Modelers Club with my OWN iron-on and paper certificate – you know that means something!! Especially to an 8 year old kid!)

My love for models, Loc Blocs (we were too poor to afford Legos like the RICH kids!) Lincoln Logs, and anything I can draw. sketch or build was usually in my posession…

Fast forward – 2012. I made a little list of ‘Route 66 Resolutions’, and I guess I have to start somewhere….

So, the model truck – what’s it about? I picked up a 1950 Ford F-1 Pick Up truck model… now what to do with it?

As most of us who drive, drove, or are WANTING to drive Route 66 – a few things are on our lists of ‘MUST SEE’! Old buildings, old cars (and trucks) old gas pumps and stations – and maybe an old timer here and there!

So, while I will not let go of TOO much information – the model truck actually does have something to do with Route 66 – and it is the first step of a 7 step plan, where I am on ‘Step 1’ (well, Step 1 and a half cause I started it!).

As I progress, and as I get to the next step – it will get posted.

Now, this is not a post on model making, but I am always curious on how others do theirs. I have not professionally built a model in several (I mean SEVERAL) years – it will be something that will stay with me as long as I can hold a tiny paintbrush!

More to come….