‘Road Trip 66’ – Route 66 App – Not a GPS though…

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Feb 032011

Having read about this app, I decided to download it on my IPhone G4 and give it a test dive.
I went straight to the areas I know well on the route, and I found a few interesting things…

You have a map of the country with Route 66 highlighed in red. There are a series of ‘push-pins’ with points of interests, alignment options, and other locations which are not so ‘site specific’ with the route.

The first thing you can chose from it either have a ‘Map View’ or a List View’ of a certain (selected) area. It highlights different attractions, facts, and information on a seperate screen.

Another button to push is labeled ‘Passport’ which allows you to either keep track of the places you have visited with the ‘Seen It’ button, or those you want to see with a ‘Wanna Go’ button.

There is a ‘Catagories’ button which allows you to simply turn off certain information like Hotels, Folk Art, All Attraction. I guess they didn’t realize most Route 66 travelers want to see EVERYTHING!!

Now, the negatives… The photo library is sub-par, at best. There are a LOT of photos missing, a LOT of older photos which looked like they were found on the internet, and there are a LOT of places missing…

(The above are actual pics from my IPhone.)

There is no GPS capabilities, so it is almost a $3.99 tour guide of Route 66 (which does not give you the complete tour!)

I feel this app is a glorified travel book which is incomplete and needs a bunch more information in it to make it worth the $3.99

I felt I knew more about the route before I started browsing this app. Buy it if you want – but I would wait until the next update, which I hear they do quarterly, and hopefully it will be more informative and loaded with updated pictures!