Updated Phillips 66 gas station – Tucumcari NM

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Sep 122011

Rich Talley (Motel Safari fame!) sent me a few new pictures of what the Phillips 66 gas station on Route 66 in Tucumcari NM now looks like.

The owner (Junior) told me while we were working he wanted ‘to have a place to hang out with friends, family, and travelers who were driving Route 66′ and get it looking like it should – instead of the old run down place we saw when I first showed up – and I think he did a FANTASTIC job bringing his vision to life!

Junior rotates one or two classic cars in and out of the property so what you might see this week – might look differenet next week!

Please make sure you stop buy – check the place out – and say ‘HEY!’ if he is around…. I am sure he would really appreciate it!

For the video of us doing most of the restoration work – click HERE to watch it!

Phillips 66 Restoration – Tucumcari NM

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Sep 072011

A ‘quick’ video thrown together of us doing restoration / painting work at the old Phillips 66 Gas Station in Tucumcari NM – right on Route 66!

It was HOT!! I cannot tell you after 8 plus hours in the sun – one wants to simply give up and call it a day – but most of us stuck around to get as much done as possible.

There are gas pumps now at the site (which I do not have video of) so next time you are in Tucumcari, stop by and check out the ‘handy work’ of the locals, business owners, and guys like me who drove 10 hours to ‘lend a helping hand’.

Click HERE to see the video.

Restoration pics – Phillips 66 gas station – Tucumcari NM on Route 66

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Jun 292011

We left Scottsdale at 6 pm (PST) and started to drive – a LONG drive all night until 6am (MST) when we pulled up to the Motel Safari! Rich Talley – owner of the Motel Safari – had to go to California to meet with some business owners – and while he ‘missed’ the heat – I think we did a pretty good job getting this completed!

The project was a Phillips 66 gas station. I spent about 7 of the 8 hours on the ladder… the legs were sore when I finally climbed off of it!

Mural work done by the legendary Doug Quarles! Doug has been a mountain of ideas and work behind bringing Tucumcari back to a ‘must see’ stop while traveling the route!

Bob and Tom (local business owners – project managers / volunteers – GREAT guys) cooling off in the shade for a bit. It was around 104 degrees – not a cloud in the sky – HOT! Bob was the project manager and Tom somehow spent WAY TOO much time on the scolding hot roof painting the overhangs – my hat goes off to him!

Junior is the owner of the gas station – here he is posing with his ‘Phillips 66 truck’ which will be parked on in front of the property to match the decor. He has a collection of old restored cars he will ‘rotate’ a car out every other weekend so there is a fresh ‘photo op’ for travelers.

Juliana and Doug posing in front of the finished ‘mural’. We toured the town looking at some of the murals he had already painted – quite impressive!

We painted for about 8 hours straight with very few stops. Dehydration set in as well as sunburn, doughnut cramps (not always a bad thing!) and a lot of laughter and hard work!

There was MUCH more work done than the pictures show – it is hard to run around and snap photos when everyone has a paint brush in their hand!

A local reporter came out to take pics and get some information for a story for the local newspaper – he will email me the article which I will put up as well.

I have seen video of the gas station a day after we left and when the gas pumps get installed and all the little details are finished – I will post an updated picture.

Even thought we drove for a total of 23 hours to and from to help paint – I would do it again!

Tucumcari is a town rewriting the rules on how these smaller towns on Route 66 should embrace the route and the travelers and visitors.

Tucumcari will always be a destination on all of my future trips….

Historic Route 66 gas station in Rancho Cucamonga – on the chopping block?

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Feb 062011

I was notified this Historic Gas Station on Route 66 in Rancho Cucamonga was scheduled to be leveled in the near future.

An offer of $150,000 was presented to purchase it from a private owner – and the offer was refused.
One of the reasons was because of ‘not enough parking’. Apparently there are plans to tear it down with the other buildings behind it and use the property for some other type of business. It seems not a matter of ‘if’, but more like ‘when’.

I find this a little upsetting with Rancho Cucamonga in the news so many times lately about how they are embracing and realizing the importance of Route 66 running through their town and how to capitalize off of it like so many other towns up and down the route.

I do not know if this news is old or not – but the topic was brought up again just a few days ago – and it seems the town will not change their mind about saving this building and any type of preservation.
If this is so – is saddens me such a picturesque building has to simply ‘disappear’.

If anyone has any other additional information on this property or if there are any correction – please Email me at info@route66world.com

Webb City Route 66 Information Center

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Feb 022011

It was once just another abandoned gas station in Missouri. The roof had caved in, the property needed cleaned. Like many of these sites, it could have sat vacant for many months or years.

Webb City officials saw potential in the building and instead of watching it slowly deteriorate, wanted to get it back to a productive use. But, there were a few hurdles.

The biggest hurdles were hidden from sight: underground water and soil contamination and six underground storage tanks.

Webb City officials contacted the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Tanks Section for advice about how to clean up and redevelop the abandoned gas station. The department helped coordinate the site investigation and the removal of petroleum contamination. Work at the site was funded through the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Fund, provided by an Environmental Protection Agency grant.

During the cleanup approximately 165 gallons of used motor oil, 43 tons of petroleum contaminated soil and more than 4,000 gallons of impacted water were removed from the site. Six underground storage tanks were also removed.

With the site no longer posing an unacceptable health risk, the city was able to move forward with redeveloping the site.

Webb City officials held a grand opening on Nov. 16 at the redeveloped abandoned gas station that is now a Route 66 Information Center. The center will house a memorabilia museum in the former garage bays and the city’s Chamber of Commerce Offices. The site will also be used for functions such as historic car shows and a fall festival.

Abandoned underground storage tanks pose environmental threats and economic development barriers for the redevelopment and reuse of properties. Often, these sites sit vacant for many years, not only being an eyesore for the community but continuing to be a possible environmental threat.

Like with Webb City, the department can help remove these environmental threats and economic barriers at abandoned gas stations or other properties that may have actual or perceived contamination.

More information about underground storage tanks in Missouri and what the department is doing to prevent and clean up leaks from tanks is available on the Tanks Section’s webpage.

Group wants to restore gas station on Route 66

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Jan 162011

RANCHO CUCAMONGA – There were many reasons why Ed Dietl founded the Historical Preservation Association of Rancho Cucamonga in 2005.

But his main motive is to save the abandoned gas station on Foothill Boulevard west of Archibald Avenue, which in its heyday, served the migrants who left behind the Dust Bowl in hopes of a brighter future.

Dietl recently stood in front of the Mission-styled structure and weighed the future of the old gas station.

“I’m really kind of sad about it,” he said. “I sure would like to see this place saved.”

Dietl and many others invested in the preservation of Route 66 have been dealt a major blow. During the recent storms, the back building that once served as a service garage

Dietl, with the Historical Preservation Association, wants to preserve the old Cucamonga Service Station along Foothill Boulevard in Rancho Cucamonga as a possible Route 66 museum. But the property is owned by Lamar Advertising, which has requested permission from the city to demolish the rain-damaged structure. The sheet metal roof couldn’t hold the rainwater and collapsed.
“I’m really disappointed that this happened but I’m still excited about the opportunity to save it,” Dietl said.

The gas station, characterized by its signature square columns in front of the garage, was not damaged.

Planning Director James Troyer said with two walls of the service garage still standing, it’s possible to save the building.

The property is owned by Lamar Advertising, which also owns the two adjacent billboards at the intersection. The billboard company recently requested permission from the city to demolish the rain-damaged structure. The city is expected to make a decision this week.

Two years ago, the city gave the Cucamonga Service Station, also known as the Richfield Gas Station, historic landmark status. The move was opposed by Lamar Advertising because such a designation lowered the property’s value.

With the historic status in place, the property owner now must gain the city’s permission before tearing it down.

Dietl wants to buy the building. He wants the property and its neighboring lot on the west side be developed into a Route 66 attraction – with a local history museum, gift shop and a place where classic car enthusiasts can visit and have their pictures taken.

Through the years, Lamar Advertising has listed the price from as high as $600,000 to as low as $125,000, Dietl said. But the historical group doesn’t have the funds to purchase the property or fix up a structure that doesn’t have electricity or water.

Deputy City Manager Linda Daniels said the city is in negotiations with Lamar about acquiring the property.

“We’re interested in both the property and the building,” Daniels said.

These are shaky times for local fans of the nation’s famed highway.

Earlier this month, a Route 66 memorabilia store housed in an 110-year-old building, closed because of an unforgiving economy.

Jim Conkle, founder of the Route 66 Preservation Foundation, said Foothill Boulevard stalwarts Magic Lamp and Sycamore Inn are fine additions to the historic thoroughfare but aren’t enough to draw tourists.

“That can’t happen with a restaurant or two. We need the gas station,” Conkle said.

The recently damaged garage was built in 1910, according to Dietl, and was moved back when the road was widened in 1914. That was the year when the gas station with an island of gas pumps framed by arches was built.

It served as a pit stop for travelers on the Chicago to Los Angeles route and was later a hub of old Cucamonga. It was a gas station in the midst of vineyards.

The station closed in the mid-1970s and served as various small shops until the 1980s. At that point, the once bustling station became a victim of neglect, weather and vandalism. Those three factors were damaging.

“One alone is severe, but when you add all of that, the place deteriorated to where most people look at it as blight, but there’s so much potential,” Conkle said.

For the Route 66 Preservation Foundation, saving the former gas station is one of five priorities for the Mother Road.

“We’re not trying to bring back outhouses and un-air conditioned cars. We’re trying to bring back something that exists nowhere else on the road,” Conkle said. “Rancho Cucamonga is sitting on a gold mine, and they don’t realize it.”

For more information, visit www.route66sos.org

Gas Station restoration work in Tucumcari…

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Jan 112011

Hello Mr. Klein,

Thank for contacting me regarding the Gas Station Painting Project. We did not realize there would be similar projects taking place, but it is nice knowing about your commitment to Route 66 as well. A number of us, here in Tucumcari, have put up the $ out of our own pockets, and many, many hours of our time thus far. Doug Quarles, a local artist, has donated some of his time for the project as well. We have nearly completed 3 old gas stations, as the article indicated. There are at least 20 more along the route here in Tucumcari.

We have nearly 6.6 miles of Route 66 going through Tucumcari, and there were a lot of filling stations back in the grand days, most now abandoned and unsightly. We have spent about $900 just on paint just for 2 of the gas stations and the owner of the Texaco Station paid for that project in total. We hope to come across more owners willing to do that, but so far, no others. In fact we are seeking funding, donations, grants, etc, to help and your offer is certainly welcome. If you would not mind, please visit our website, www.tucumcarinm.com we have a Paypal donation link. Of course, volunteer painters are always welcome when the time arrives. Your group will be recognized for your contribution.

I have attached a few pictures of the 3 stations that you may view the progress. Also, there is a Route 66 Chamber of Commerce recently formed, the website is http://route66chamberofcommerce.homestead.com/index.html .

We just joined that Chamber. It would seem we all have a common goal.
Thanks again

Bob Beaulieu

Chamber DirectorI am fortunate to be contacted by Bob and will do what I can to help him as well as other location throughout Route 66 to keep projects going. This is what this website is all about.

A few dollars go farther than you think, so donate what you can – big or small – but please donate…

Thank you!

Gas station project makes progress

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Jan 082011

A beautification project started last fall by the Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce and MainStreet organization made some progress before a winter hiatus, chamber of commerce director Bob Beaulieu said.

Beaulieu said work on the gas stations has stopped until warmer temperatures permit painting.

Before colder conditions prevailed, Doug and Sharon Quarles and a group of city volunteers laid the groundwork for the redecoration of three now-defunct Route 66 gas stations: The Texaco station across the street from Del’s Restaurant, the Continental Gas Company (later Conoco) station near Auto Pros, and the Whiting Brothers’ gas station located next to the chamber of commerce.

Beaulieu said work on these gas stations and others will continue as soon as temperatures exceed 55 degrees. He said he hopes to see the project completed and attracting tourists by the end of this summer.

Spencer Gas Station – Missouri

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Jun 302010

On my ‘day trip’ from Illinois to Oklahoma, I have come across a lot of buildings on the route. This one really grabbed me and I really did enjoy seeing it. Despite the fact the roof was missing from one section (see picture) the building looked really clean. Truly out in the middle of no where….