Aztec Motel and Gift Shop – Seligman, AZ

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Dec 272010

Seeing I was by myself for Christmas this year (insert violins here!) I decided to get off the couch and hit the road on the 25th and 26th of Dec.
I drove to Needles CA and headed east! (wrong way!).

I made it to Seligman AZ about 6pm and decided to stop (I try not to drive Route 66 at night because I actually might miss something in the dark!!). I pulled up to the Aztec Motel and rang the doorbell. A charming lady named Marie answered the door and I asked if there were any rooms available (I knew there were!) and she said ‘yes’. Now – I had to be a smart guy and ask if they had Wi-Fi! She said ‘no – sorry’ with a look of heart-break in her eyes! I asked if there were any other hotels/motels in town that did. She pointed and said ‘maybe so and so does’. Then to add insult to injury, I asked if there was a place to eat. She said ‘It’s Christmas honey – everything is closed’.

So, here I was, without Wi-Fi and food an she chimes in ‘but I can make you a turkey sandwich…’
She sealed the deal and next thing you know – I am giving her my card to reserve a room.

The rooms at the newly renovated Aztec Motel were nice. I had no complains at all! The bed was comfortable and the bedspread reminded me of what my grandmother would have gave me to sleep with – so it made it just that much better!
She knocked on my door and had a tray filled with toasted turkey sanwiches, potato chips, a cookie, and some chocolate. I was in heaven! (She also told me not to mention that she made me a sandwich because EVERYONE will want her to make them a sandwich!! So ignore what you just read!).

The bathrooms were clean and each room has its own satellite receiver. It was quiet and I slept well!

Outside on the walls were several murals that were nicely done!
Around the outer area there were tables and chairs and I can imagine all the travelers sitting outside in the summertime conversing about where they have been, what they have seen, and where they are going to.

So next time you are in Seligman, stop in and say ‘hi’ to Marie, stay if you can ($45 was a deal in my opinion) or buy a little Route 66 gift from the gift store.

Aztec Motel & Gift Shop
Dwight & Marie Forquer (Owners)
312 E. Historical Route 66
Seligman, AZ 86337

Side note – Marie said she is getting up there in age and her husband has cancer, so he stays home most days while she runs the shop. SO – she said she would be willing to SELL the motel. Her asking price is $225,000. For more information – give her a call!