Jun 222010

I took a quick trip down Route 66 to Bloomington/Normal and had to stop at the Riviera to see if the rumors were true about the sign and letters being stolen… and they are true.

The rubble was still there – untouched, and still hiding in the back was the streetcar. The yellow tape looked like it was taken down, someone pulled it down, or all of the bad weather we have been getting hit with in Northern Illinois took it out.

Regardless – this will probably be my last trip to the Riviera until the streetcar (finally) finds a home – I have volunteered to help move it – when that day comes.

Anyway, met a nice (older) couple from Texas. They were at the Gardner Jail Cell and I asked if they wanted me to take a picture of them inside the cell – a polite ‘no, it’s OK’ was given. It’s not like I would lock them in there…. or would I??

On the way back to Chicago, I stopped back in Dwight for gas and noticed a group taking pictures of the old gas station and I decided to stop and say ‘hi’. Just so happens they are (5) 20-something year old guys from Norway who are driving the route for the next 2 weeks. We talked for about 15 minutes and they were happy with what they saw (so far). So anyone who has a business on Route 66 – they are driving a Black mini-van with Maryland plates and are stopping in Springfield (IL) Tues nite.

Anyone who does not have a business and is up to no-good, they are driving a red 4-door heading EAST!!! ; )

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