May 042010

I contacted the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles to ask them if a ‘Missouri Route 66 plate‘ was available, and they said ‘surprisingly – no’.
I then asked how does it become a reality that the Missouri residents can get one of these (like Illinois, Oklahoma, and New Mexico) and I was told that someone needs to turn in 200+ signatures requesting the plate, and then the person who decides which plates should be made will approve it (or not).
Now, I live in Illinois and am ordering my Route 66 plates for my car – but I feel that everyone who lives, loves, or wants to support Route 66 – should have an opportunity to purchase a plate if they happen to live in one of the 8 states.
Contact the Missouri Route 66 Association via Email and let them know that you want to help try to get these plates.
I spoke with Arizona as well, they needed $35,000 to get a plate going – I told them the ‘check was in the mail’.
I will see what the other states have to say – keep you uposted.

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