Sep 132010

The Missouri Department of Transportation will hold an open-house style public meeting Wednesday, September 15, 2010 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Eureka High School, 4525 Highway 109, Eureka, MO.

The meeting is to discuss the Route 66 State Park Bridge, which was closed in 2009.

The bridge is over the Meramec River and used to carry traffic between the Route 66 State Park visitor’s center and the park. MoDOT closed the bridge when bridge experts determined that the bridge wasn’t safe for travel.

During this open house style meeting, MoDOT will discuss the historical preservation process and the timeline for making a decision on the next step for the Route 66 State Park Bridge. MoDOT continues to work with interested agencies and groups to find one willing to accept the liability and responsibility for maintaining the bridge. If no party is found, MoDOT will need to safely remove the Route 66 State Park Bridge sometime in the near future.

During the public meeting, participants will be able to submit comments about the process and MoDOT’s potential plans for the bridge.

Since there are no formal presentations during the public meeting, participants may attend at any time during the open house.

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