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Sprague’s Super Service in Normal, IL is in the process of being restored. I met with Terri Ryburn and I told her I will do what I can to help this Historical Route 66 landmark reopen and have it be used by all travelers driving Route 66.

Terri Ryburn, a Route 66 author, bought the property in 2006. In 2007, Ryburn received a cost-share grant from the NPS to develop a Historic Structures Report to guide the building’s restoration and funds to replace the roof over the garage and make repairs to the ground floor restrooms. Additional money came from the Town of Normal, which funded the replacement of the building’s main roof; a separate grant from the State of Illinois paid for a new HVAC system. In 2008, Ryburn worked to get the property listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Illinois Route 66 Association has even pitched in with demolition and the installation of plumbing fixtures.

Ryburn has plans to turn the old Sprague’s Super Service into a visitor center, coffee shop, tea room and a public meeting space.

After Grant money ran out, she is hoping the Town of Normal will help with TIF money, but she told me that could be a year or two out (if it all).

She has been using every extra dime from her pay check to get the building open. She told me she has a long way to go – but was hoping to get at least the front area finished for visitors to finally stop by and see the building.

I told her – like I tell ever other business on the route – I will do what I can to help. This means everything from getting the word out – to raising funds – to grabbing a paintbrush – to hanging drywall!

How can you help?? Terri does not have a website for the station. She does not have a PayPal account – she told me travelers/visitors would read a sign on the window that says: “Please help us raise $$$ for the building” and they would slip $5 or $10 under the door. She would use that money for as many materials as she can.

Donations can be sent directly to Terri at:
Terri Ryburn
Sprague’s Super Service Station
305 E. Pine Street
Normal, IL 61761-1767

Please note: donations are NOT tax deductable. Also, let her know you find out about her fund raising from the Route 66 World website. This way we can see how efficient this campaign is.

Another way to send donations to Route 66 World via PayPal.
EVERY cent will be given to Terry to help her get the station open!
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