Nov 262010

As most of you know – Route 66 World has relocated to Phoenix AZ. I was up in Chicago for Thanksgiving and we were heading down to Bloomington (Normal) IL to have dinner and my gut was telling me to swing by to see if there was any progress to the streetcar since I helped paint it last time.
Well, to my surprise – there it was! Moved from the ‘secret hiding place’ where I saw it last to now floating on I-beams until the Town of Gardner can officially lower it and secure it in place.

Now, looking at the pictures (and being up close and inside of it) – it needs a LOT of work. I say a good year to get it looking half-way decent.
But, with all that being said, I am glad it is one step closer to be re-opened for all Route 66 travelers to enjoy again.

Enjoy the winter – there is a whole ‘nother Route 66 travel season right around the corner!!

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