Route 66 Photo Tour



This page will let you see Route 66, virtually, from your device.

The above links to the states are listed in chronological order from east to west and the towns/cities are listed as if you were driving them east from west also.
Since Route 66 alignments have changed over the course of its existence, we have included those as well.

Anyone can contribute to this page as long as you are the owner of the photo (you took it or you paid someone to take it and you own it) as I do not need someone getting mad at me because you swiped it off the internet. Also, PLEASE make sure as much of the property is in the photo WITHOUT your vehicle or yourself and others.

Send me your photo to and the subject line should read: Route 66 Photo Tour. List the state, town and name of the location (business name or historical name).

I will only post ONE photo of every stop and they should all be within the last year (2015 until today) and I will give you photo credits for it. Again, these need to be recent photos as we can fill 93 pages with historic photos as well.

This would be a GREAT way to promote your business or even your town which is located on Route 66!

It can be an existing business / place, a closed business place, a bridge, a point of interest or anything a Route 66 traveler should be able to see today if they were to head out west.

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