Feb 222012

… well – at least any project that I am working on!

I stopped out at the 66 Motel last year when I was out doing another bit of ‘work’ in Needles and I promised the owners I would do something about their iconic sign.

As the story goes: the current owners are really nice older folks from Europe who have had to take the motel and turn it into monthly rentals due to the fact they couldn’t get travelers to stop (I did find this hard to believe seeing it is one of the most famous signs / stops on the route) – but they were more than happy to have the help – telling me ‘there are hundreds and hundreds of cars who stop and take pictures of the sign and we are so thrilled it is here for them.’

So after a year of trying to get firmly planted in AZ – and trying to get the house / job / life established – I have a window of opportunity to finally do good on my part.

The sign will need to be repainted, all new bubls in the ’66’ numbers, electrical tested / repaired / replaced, and yes – even the neon might glow again….

What I am doing: I am getting the ‘green light’ to do this, to get the sign guy to come out to inspect and test everything, and then I will have to make a trip or two to paint the sign. Also, I am pretty much paying for this part out of my own pocket (someone once said to me ‘put your money where your mouth is’ – well here it is….)

What YOU can do: If you are in the area, SHOW UP and help! I can always use help even thought the sign is 20′ in the air! If I get anyone to show up, I will make sure we have ladders and such to get this thing going. Also, I will be getting a price for the neon work (glass and installation) and I am pretty sure I will have to do some type of fund raiser to get this thing 100% the way it used to look like!

I will have to find out when the last time all the lights were on because to be honest with you – after all the searches I have done for this sign, I have not seen ONE picture with the sign all lit up.

There will be media there to take the story, I probably will have someone tape it to air it on YouTube shortly there after, and if things go right, a Re-Lighting Ceremony.

Saturday March 31st is the day (around 9am) when I will be there beginning the work and I will be going home Sunday night, April 1st (no joke here!)

Let me know what you think as I will be updating this project as I get more information on it.

This is the first one, there is another one I am working on for April BTW….

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