Mar 092011

WILLIAMS – The Williams Parks and Recreation Commission recently completed a signage plan for all parks and recreation signs throughout the city of Williams.

Carol Glassburn, chair of the Williams Parks and Rec Commission, said the purpose of the new plan is to create uniformity.

“Most of our signs are very, very old,” she said. “The one at Cureton Park had to come down.”

Due to a lack of city funding, Glassburn said the project will be implemented over the long term. She said materials used to build the signs and the style of the new signs will reflect the overall style of Williams. The signage system will be implemented in phases with locations prioritized by need.

Signs located along main corridors such as Railroad Avenue, Grand Canyon Boulevard and Route 66 will feature rock columns with a wood sign hung in between.

“It incorporates the new theme or logo or branding that the city has – the Best of Route 66,” Glassburn said.

The plan also includes new park interior regulation signage for Buckskinner Park and Santa Fe Dam that includes camping, fire and fireworks regulations.

Glassburn said Kelly Stewart, a Williams High School student, designed the sign prohibiting fireworks.

“What our goal is, is to try to get Santa Fe done by the spring, if funds allow,” Glassburn said. “Because of the fire danger.”

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