Dec 222011

The ‘birthday’ heard all around the world…

This birthday was a milestone for the route – and it only gets better after this!

Route 66 celebrated its 85th birthday on Nov. 11th. MANY towns had celebrations and parties. Ranging from parades, car shows, cookouts, bands playing, and folks showing off their collections from photography to art to whatever they can throw together to represent Route 66.

This is the funny thing: Instead of giving gifts at a birthday party – Route 66 keeps giving us gifts all year long, and it is the gift of history, adventure, amazement, excitement, and joy.

With all of the interest, the preservation work, all of the businesses pushing to rebrand and regrow themselves, the travelers, the folks posting posts and putting up pictures, the books, and even the GPS – Route 66 is growing stronger and stronger by the year. It will be interesting to see what the party will look like in 15 years when it hits 100!

My prediction is we will preserve MANY other places in 15 years. Several new businesses will open up. HUNDREDS of thousands will have traveled it from now until then, and sadly, we will lose a few more historic places.

Until then, we have today. And today I am already planning my next year (2012) and what I plan on doing and accompishing on (and for) the route.

Think about it: It’s one thing to post on a blog or talk about it, but what are you doing to preserve it, to help it, to grow it?

Make a New Years resolution to try to do something up and beyond for the route. Even if it is donating $20 to an orginization for preservation work. 1,000 people donating $20 adds up to almost totally rehabbing a historic location.

I hope to see a lot of you on the route next year – and I can’t wait to see those again who I call my ‘roadies’ – we still have a lot of work to do!

My next post will be my resolutions for Route 66 for 2012. I have been thinking about it for a few days (I actually do think of the route practically every day!) and will post it after Christmas. I would love to hear one or two from each of you – so go to my Facebook page (by clicking HERE) and wait for the post. And then give me a response. You want to give me a Christmas gift? It’s FREE and EASY – just LIKE me on the Route 66 World Facebook page – it helps grow our community and keeps you on top of what is happening on the route throughout the year.

Merry Christmas, Happy hanukkah, Happy ‘Festivus for the Restuvus!’, have a Great and Happy New Year and God Bless you and your families in this new year!!

Ed Klein
Route 66 World

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