Aug 042011

Albuquerque’s Mayor and the Safe City Strike Force are on a mission to make over historic Route 66.

The city demolished the abandoned State Fair Mercado Motel and Apartment building on Central Avenue near Louisiana.

Mayor Richard Berry said he hopes tearing down the long-time eyesore will make way for a new, thriving business.

It’s not the first, or the last, on a long list of dilapidated buildings the city wants to get rid of as part of its revitalization of historic Route 66.

The Silver Moon Lodge was demolished two weeks ago.

The owner says he plans to build a grocery story, about 20 apartments and a retail space in its place.

“I think Central Avenue is just one of these really special places, and it’s good to see these problem properties coming down and get some new development going on on this great stretch of road,” said Mayor Berry.

The demolition is expected to take three days and cost the city $32,800.


My take on all of this… I am getting MORE AND MORE disgusted with Albuquerque – to the point of I pretty much can bypass it using I-40.. This is TRULY an oxymoron when the mayor says “it’s good to see these (problem) properties coming down and get some new development going on on this great stretch of road” – and at the same time calling the road ‘historic’ and using ‘new development / buildings’ in the same sentence.

I think Albququerque feels it does not need to keep the history or even care about the dollars tourists bring into the town who travel Route 66 who WANT TO SEE the historic (problem) buildings…. just keep slapping together another Walgreens / CVS or a strip mall which will sit mostly vacant…

It really bothers me the more and more I read about Albuquerque….. it realy does – shame on you Mayor Berry.

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