Feb 062011

I was notified this Historic Gas Station on Route 66 in Rancho Cucamonga was scheduled to be leveled in the near future.

An offer of $150,000 was presented to purchase it from a private owner – and the offer was refused.
One of the reasons was because of ‘not enough parking’. Apparently there are plans to tear it down with the other buildings behind it and use the property for some other type of business. It seems not a matter of ‘if’, but more like ‘when’.

I find this a little upsetting with Rancho Cucamonga in the news so many times lately about how they are embracing and realizing the importance of Route 66 running through their town and how to capitalize off of it like so many other towns up and down the route.

I do not know if this news is old or not – but the topic was brought up again just a few days ago – and it seems the town will not change their mind about saving this building and any type of preservation.
If this is so – is saddens me such a picturesque building has to simply ‘disappear’.

If anyone has any other additional information on this property or if there are any correction – please Email me at info@route66world.com

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