Jan 112011

Hello Mr. Klein,

Thank for contacting me regarding the Gas Station Painting Project. We did not realize there would be similar projects taking place, but it is nice knowing about your commitment to Route 66 as well. A number of us, here in Tucumcari, have put up the $ out of our own pockets, and many, many hours of our time thus far. Doug Quarles, a local artist, has donated some of his time for the project as well. We have nearly completed 3 old gas stations, as the article indicated. There are at least 20 more along the route here in Tucumcari.

We have nearly 6.6 miles of Route 66 going through Tucumcari, and there were a lot of filling stations back in the grand days, most now abandoned and unsightly. We have spent about $900 just on paint just for 2 of the gas stations and the owner of the Texaco Station paid for that project in total. We hope to come across more owners willing to do that, but so far, no others. In fact we are seeking funding, donations, grants, etc, to help and your offer is certainly welcome. If you would not mind, please visit our website, www.tucumcarinm.com we have a Paypal donation link. Of course, volunteer painters are always welcome when the time arrives. Your group will be recognized for your contribution.

I have attached a few pictures of the 3 stations that you may view the progress. Also, there is a Route 66 Chamber of Commerce recently formed, the website is http://route66chamberofcommerce.homestead.com/index.html .

We just joined that Chamber. It would seem we all have a common goal.
Thanks again

Bob Beaulieu

Chamber DirectorI am fortunate to be contacted by Bob and will do what I can to help him as well as other location throughout Route 66 to keep projects going. This is what this website is all about.

A few dollars go farther than you think, so donate what you can – big or small – but please donate…

Thank you!

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