May 012011

LEXINGTON — The owners of a now-shuttered Lexington restaurant are hoping to sell the business to someone who understands what small-town, home-style cooking and homemade desserts can mean to a community.

Owner Jari Riisberg said The Filling Station closed in February just shy of the restaurant’s 29th anniversary. About 15 employees lost jobs.

Riisberg and her husband, Ove Riisberg, have had some inquiries about the site, 905 W. Main St., a popular stop for tourists on historic Route 66, but no sale yet. It’s listed for $295,000 through Coldwell Banker Heart of America Realtors.

Riisberg said the Illinois Department of Revenue “strongly urged” the couple to close the business because they were behind on their taxes and couldn’t get caught up.

“We live right next door to it and so it’s a constant reminder. But, really, we had no choice,” she said. “We made a lot of friends and have a lot of great memories. It’s really sad because Mom and Pop restaurants like this are going to have a hard time with this economy.”
One Lexington resident, Mark Killion, was among those who rose early nearly every day to stop for a cup of coffee at the eatery.

“I hated to see the restaurant close for so many reasons,” Killion said. “It was a special place for this town and it’s really a sad day when a great place like that has to close.”
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