Aug 032011

Found this on CraigsList of all places:

Historic Minnetonka Trading Post on Old Route 66.

Previously a trading post, post office, gas station, feed store, rodeo/roping arena, and more, Minnetonka Trading Post Winslow and the surrounding areas for the last several decades. Originally built nearly a century ago, the building’s 2500 sqaure foot interior was gutted and a new roof has been installed.

The location is ideal for anyone looking for a business that will attract local customers, Route 66 buffs, Interstate 40 travelers, and Navajo/Hopi commuters on State Highway 87. The three acres for sale sit at the intersection of all three byways.

The main trading post building, with its unique petrified wood façade, includes A LIGHTED 50 x 15 BILLBOARD located off of I-40 that is in the renewal stage, and a well. There are three outbuildings in back. The large billboard sits on the back part of the acreage along Interstate 40.

At the intersection of Old Route 66 Interstate 40 and State Highway 87 RIGHT OFF THE EXIT.101 E. Route 66, Winslow, AZ 86047


Quick Sale! $100,000 – Make an offer!

(928) 377-9190

Click HERE for the post and some pictures.

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