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Ed Klein has lived almost all of his life in, or near, the City of Chicago. Then he picked up and moved to Arizona!
Change is good….

Self-described as a ‘True American’ (his family heritage includes arriving to America in the 1620’s, being part of the Hatfield family (Hatfield – McCoy Feud), the Doolin family (Doolin – Dalton Gang aka ‘Wild Bunch’), and having Shawnee & Cherokee Indian blood running through his veins, seeing and exploring the United States has always been on top of his list of ‘Must Do’ vacations.

Having been to 42 of the 50 states and driving well over a 1,000,000 miles (so far) – whether it has been for business, vacation, for fun (or simply because he got lost!) – traveling Route 66 was always a dream since he was 10-years old.

“I can remember as a ‘city boy’ growing up in Chicago there was, at one time, one road that would take you from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles. I thought ‘wow’ and made it a mission to drive it one day.”

Like so many other folks who have traveled it, who have read about it, and who have dreamed of taking a week (or two or three) to drive the ‘Mother Road’ – he had the desire to see it all – as well as a calling to help preserve it.

“This road is truly Americana at its finest, and you can see how desperately we, as Americans, are trying to keep it alive by driving it, by cherishing it and by supporting the businesses and associations who want to keep it alive.”

He has dedicated ‘his time and his dime’ to try to preserve as much as he can on the route, by heading projects himself, helping others, or simply pointing those who are preserving part of the route in the right direction. As well as giving speeches on Route 66 in front of close to 1,000 attendees in an auditorium, speaking to another packed room of 600 attendees at a tourism conference who’s guests included Senators, Legislators, CEO’s, tourism professionals, business owners, publishers, and anyone who has anything to do with tourism and travel, Ed will talk to anyone who wants to learn more about the ‘business’ of Route 66 – as well as the route itself. He has been featured on television, in newspapers, magazines, as well as several websites speaking about the preservation and history of Route 66.

“This is a labor of love – my charity if you will. I have a full time job, busy restoring the Front Street Garage in Galena Kansas, I like restoring antique cars AND I have a family, so getting out to work on the route is very challenging, but when the time allows it – I am there and it is so worth the effort to see a project completed.”

Ed has purchased the Historic Front Street Garage in Galena Kansas on Route 66. Built in 1896, Ed plans on bringing it back to how it looked in May of 1947. This will be a huge undertaking as there is a lot of work to bring back such a historic building.

This website was created to educate, inform, entertain, and to help preserve Route 66 for generations to come. This website is updated all the time so please check back often.

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