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Spencer Gas Station – Missouri


You should make another trip to Spencer Missouri because a lot has been done since your picture. The Ryan’s (who own the town) just keep working on restoring each building. Roof is done and now each building is filled with lots of Spencer history. Each store is looking more and more like back in the days. Its looking awesome!

Nonprofit acquires historic Rancho Cucamonga gas station on Route 66


Absolutely wonderful news! This thing has been hanging in the balance for so long that I thought it would crumble before it would either be restored or torn down.

2013 International Route 66 Festival en route to Joplin MO

Phyllis Payne

Route 66 enthusiasts are thrilled to have Joplin host this fun and iconic event. Congratulations to Joplin from! We will see you in August!

Route 66 Motel (66 Motel) – Needles CA

Linda Fenstermaker

I am very proud to say this Motel was owned by my aunt’s mother Ruby Quinn (Gaut) in the 1950′s& early 60′s she later married Evan Gaut. I always called her aunt Ruby, she was a very very talented artist and doll maker also!

Growing up on Route 66

Hannah Kavale

I love this guy! Well- I mean he is my dad…… But he’s great!!!

For Sale – Historic Valentine’s Diner on Route 66 – Winslow AZ (Updated!)

J S Bernstein

Has this diner been sold? I am very interested to see an update.

More restoration work in Needles on Route 66…

Delvin Harbour

Ed! This is fantastic! What a great introduction when entering California on Route 66! Along with the restored motel sign! The updated gas stations will surely be photo ops for travelers! Thanks for all you work at these restoring efforts!

Route 66 Motel (66 Motel) – Needles CA

Nellobeth Cox Oakley

I am the daughter and only living direct relative of the previous owners. I would like to come to Needles and may do so soon, as my parents and the last owners are buried there and I need to tend their grave sites.

Restoration pics – Phillips 66 gas station – Tucumcari NM on Route 66

Marie Duckett

Beautiful! Love what you are doing..Keep up the good work….

Group wants to restore gas station on Route 66

Josh Scarbrough

I love the cucamonga Richfield gas station my friend once owned it as a glass shop Modurustic glass but was to move it back for the city fought and fought but lost the battle and the building. My wife and always said if I win the lottery we would fix it up make it look like a vintage station but sell malts shakes and use part for her boutique , as for work I re build and image old stations I love them well let’s save it it’s part of my town “Rancho Cucamonga” let’s keep history alive and here.

Route 66 Motel (66 Motel) – Needles CA

Elaine Cullen

This is Great! I know you put a “teaser” on our city of Needles FB page – can we link this to that page? We have lots of other projects planned for Route 66, including adding the 12′x12′ Route 66 logos throughout the city and a new entrance monument at the west end of town! Thank you for helping and contributing to our revitalization!

The first Route 66 Restoration Project of 2012 begins!!

Ron Hart

Ed, we have a lot in common regarding our work on Route 66 motels. Have you been to and seen our progress? Good luck.

Route 66 Catoosa Blue Whale Struck By Vandals

Rich Henry

It’s disgusting to say the least. 1 1/2 years ago, I came in here early one sunday morning to see our one Campbell 66 Express trailer, graffettied on front lower section. What was depicted was even worse and embarrassing. I called Staunton police and they make a report and took pictures. Fortunately, when vandals did it, was at night when there was humidity in the air. I immediately got some gasoline and after an hour was able to remove it all. Had it went unnoticed and summer heat and sun would have been on it for awhile, would have been a real problem. For almost a year though you could see a discoloration in the metal from the gasoline. Now it is almost unnoticeable from mother nature taking care of the rest. If anyone ever sees anybody vandalism something, turn them in. Get license plate numbers and anything else to aid the police. In our case we think it was local kids up the road, who had a group gettogether at this ones house. Couldn’t prove it though. Had it been worse I would have put an add in local paper offering a reward leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Usually there is one or more squealers in a pack and they turn on they so called buddies.

100 Years of Pictures – Route 66 in Arizona


Like the pics and like the site. Saved it to my favorites. I live in arkansas now but I grew up in Arizona. Phoenix to be more specific. Sometimes I do miss living there. I do remember the magazine “Arizona Highways” – my grandma got me a subscription of it one year. I loved it!

Route 66 tourism good for central Illinois communities

Rich Henry

Really glad to see central Illinois taking off on Route 66 things. I think Litchfield will be the next 66 flower to really start blooming. People there very excited about getting their museum/info center plans up and running. It will be little south of the Ariston on the east side of old Route 66 1930-1940 alignment.

Wish them well,

Rich, Big Red and rest of Queen Montana’s legacy

100 Years of Pictures – Route 66 in Arizona

Guy Albert

When I told my friends I was going to Fort Sill from Central Wisconsin in 1955, a few asked me if I was going on Route 66. That was the first I heard of it. I have been a fan ever since. Traveled parts several times since then, and am planning more trips. I no longer have my 1947 Studebaker, so will have to go by SUV.

‘On the Fifth day of Christmas, Route 66 gave to me…’


Thanks for your shoutout about the Wagon Wheel in Cuba, which continues to improve…
We are proud of its transformation and progress and of our Route 66 legacy in Cuba, Missouri and the Wagon Wheel’s part in it. The Route 66 Community has been very supportive. Travel safely in 2012.

‘On the First day of Christmas, Route 66 gave to me…’

Jim Conkle

Ed, you once again step up and add something of great value to the road, or at least to us roadies.
Hope all is well with you we missed you at the Needles event.

‘On the Second day of Christmas, Route 66 gave to me…’


It’s nice of you to boost some of the Route 66 motels. Kevin and Nancy are doing a wonderful job and represent the true spirit of the road. Bless them for restoring a piece of history.

‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ – Route 66 Style – 2.0!

Becky’s Barn

“My” brick road – She was restored / extensively repaired this summer. Poor thing was marked with white paint to show the crews where the repairs were to be done. It looked like plastic surgeon markings! If we can only get the Curran Rd section to NOT be a class 3 truck route…

Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program Grant Awards – 2011

Judy Springs

Your preservation program is something I can actually get excited about. You have tangible results for tangible efforts.
My husband John and I publish 66 The Mother Road online magazine and I believe the grant program is newsworthy. Especially since we feature a restoration project in each publication.

Judy Springs

Route 66 Motel (66 Motel) – Needles CA


I just wanted to say Thank you! I live in this town Needles and I love Route 66. I pass by the Motel everyday on my way to Bashas or Dollar Tree… But I say everytime it would be nice to see that sign with lights on. So thank you for your efforts in trying to improve this town. I am across your website through
Thank you for caring about our town!!

Updated Phillips 66 gas station – Tucumcari NM

Joe Loesch

You guys did a great job on the station! The video was very interesting and loads of fun to watch! I appreciate you sharing the experience with your fellow roadies. Thanks.

Sisters buy Boots Motel on Historic Route 66

Dean Bogart

I am very happy the Boots has found a new owner. They have much work ahead of them. Hopefully, they will find it feasible to remove the truss roof and return the Boots back to its classic Streamline Moderne look. Just removing the old plantings will make a huge visual difference. My wife and I live in Springfield, Missouri, and look forward to spending a night at the Boots in the future.

Updated pic of Gardner Street Car on Route 66

Willem Bor

It already looks great, I made a scale model of the Riviera Restaurant and the Streetcar. We saw them both burned down in 2010.

For Sale – Historic Valentine’s Diner Car in Winslow on Route 66

Al Morrissette

I was by there a few years ago and the place was closed for renovation back then I think that was 2008 or 09. I doubt they have a book of business and though this is probably a nice renovation start, it will need a total rework like the one in Clinton. A half acre in Winslow in this economy is probably between 20-25K just looking on the MLS. 85 K seems rather high for a small business that is closed.

Route 66 Museum – Pontiac IL

Joe Fogarty

I spent the first 22 years of my life growing up in Streator, have been in Colorado since. Every first week in September I try to get back to Streator to visit family, my brothers birthday is the 5th and the same weekend as CRUISE NIGHT!!! During my visit I very much enjoy this wonderful museum… just to take time and visit with the history and the wonderful volunteers…very relaxing, down home!

Also, Pontiac is a beautiful community, as is so many areas back there… I feel blessed that I grew up in an American Graffiti time and it still trives in this area… get to Streator for Cruise Night and visit Pontiac and this wonderful museum… go back in time & just relax! I am very much looking forward to visiting the museum this September as I hear there has been added a great Pontiac auto addition to it.

Thank you, Joe

Oldest Motel on Route 66 celebrates 75th Anniversary.

M.M. Gornell

I can’t be there, but congratulations and have a wonderful celebration. Everything they’ve done sounds wonderful!

Madeline Gornell

Motel demolition signals Route 66 makeover mission

Mike Dagney

How long will it be before the mayor and the Safe City Strike Force decide that all the old motels along Central Ave/RT 66 are eyesores, after that what? Kimo Theater…..They need to realize you can’t tear down and rebuild history…….

Route 66 Motel (66 Motel) – Needles CA

Judy Iannacone

I was so happy to see that there was still an original Rt 66 motel in existence. Then, after reading this article I was so very disappointed that it was being used for monthly rentals. I was, also somewhat surprised to hear that there wasn’t enough interest in it being used as a guest motel, as it seems to me, so many people from all over are eager to travel the Mother Road. I, for one, am planning to travel this Route and am researching the places that once were.

To (you) who offered, for free, to repaint and replace all the yellow bulbs on the original sign, I say a heartfelt “thank you”. It’s because of people, like you, that we still have some of the historic places on Rt. 66.

Route 66? Why not just take the Interstate?? – The Video!


Excellent presentation, thank you.

Route 66? Why not just take the Interstate?? – The Video!


Impressive. The hardest thing would have to be not looking at the slides to know where you’re at!

Route 66? Why not just take the Interstate?? – The Video!

Peter Scott

You’re an incredible presenter, although, I could not find the mistakes you had mentioned. Very informative, hope to be out on Route 66 in Arizona again soon!

Historic Route 66 gas station in Rancho Cucamonga – on the chopping block?


This really makes me sad – I love that old building. I have a candle company and I’ve always thought of how cool it would be to turn it into a candle boutique.


Let’s Show Ernie We Care!

Terry Kafides

Hi Ernie,

This is your National Route 66 Ambassador and Secretary of the California Route 66 Association, I want to wish you the very best in your recovery from me and all the Route 66 Association Members.

Get Well

Terry Kafides
National Route 66 Ambassador

Historic Route 66 gas station in Rancho Cucamonga – on the chopping block?


That is a shame. When my family and I take the time, and make the effort, to drive 66 and visit the towns it goes through, it is NOT to see the latest McDonalds building design, or God forbid, the latest drug store.

Buildings with history, buildings that have served the route most of it’s life, and buildings of architectural interest are the things I want to see.

Historic Route 66 gas station in Rancho Cucamonga – on the chopping block?


This is truly sad, and one of the most difficult challenges we face in Route 66 preservation, most especially in a state like California. The land is simply worth more than the building or business that sits on it, and it ends up being a matter of economics that few of us could do battle with.

The El Vado Motel in Albuquerque was a similar situation, with an owner that wanted around $650K for it, which was way more than the damaged, defunct and closed building was ever worth. He too wanted to develop it in another way, but at least the City interveened, came in and saved it for now. But alas they’re having problems finding any real quality developers, as with some of their other old motel projects, because it’s still a development that requires more money than it will ever be worth in the near future, especially with our current economic conditions. People just aren’t willing to risk that kind of money on a small building that needs so much repair.

In this case, the building seems to look pretty good, and as shown earlier, could even be repurposed into something like that architectural firm in Oklahoma. But you can’t force the owner to sell at a reasonable price, instead of the highest bidder or otherwise. The only hope in this case would be for the government to step in and help out, whether that’s local, state or federal.

It’s also why it’s so important we develop high quality products out there, as we take them. Because probably for every one we save, another 3 are vanishing, if we’re not raising the bar with quality businesses in our preservation efforts, they too may fall victim at some point in the near future, which means we didn’t really save them afterall?

Nice looking old gas station, thanks for sharing, and I wish we had one like it here…

Route 66 Motel (66 Motel) – Needles CA.

Crocodile Lile –

We need a couple of hundred more like you out on the road. Thanks for all you do, maybe your attitude will spread.
Bob ”crocodile ” Lile
Amarillo 66

Losing a part of Route 66 in Missouri.


I’m sorry to read this. I hate to see these sort of changes, that detract from the leisurely travel pace of 66 Vs. an interstate.

I know there is already more work to do than Route 66 volunteers can handle, but perhaps the day will come when these parks can be saved from closing via volunteer labor for maintenance.

On the Twelth Day of Christmas – Route 66 gave to me…..

Earl Cory –

Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas stories and all your work.

Earl Cory

On the Twelth Day of Christmas – Route 66 gave to me…..


Sure enjoyed the 12 Days. Great job and one well done. Especially the last, very true one.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas – Route 66 gave to me…..

David Schwartz –

Ed, wow I had no idea that you had featured me for the 9th day. Missed a few days of Christmas there came back to see what was going on and surprise! Thank you for the kind words about my work, and your calendar purchases as well!
I really appreciate what you are doing for the road and it’s people! Keep me posted what I can do to help! People like you help keep the dream alive! That’s one of the many things I love about route 66, is the dedication of the people that care so much for it!

Merry Christmas!
David Schwartz

The Blue Whale in Catoosa OK

Lee Lundberg

So glad to hear they are saving the whale. I was afraid I wouldn’t see, when I eventually take my trip.

Riviera Street Car – gone….


Glad to hear that it has been moved.
Gardner has really taken its Route 66 heritage to the next level and should be commended. I like their signage (both mounted and on the pavement) of all alignments through town.
Thanks for keeping us up on 66 events, especially those in your area.

Riviera Restaurant – Updated Pictures


That is a shame. I have been there on the 10th May and took pictures of the Restaurant and the Cab. I thought it was very nice and I wondered why it was closed.
Together with my friend we took the entire Route 66 all the way by the oldest route possible. We even attempted to drive La Bajada The trip was great and it is sad to hear such bad news.
Czech Republic

Trading Post

Ken ‘the landrunner’ Turmel

Great website, Ed! Keep up the great work that you’re doing for our cherished Mother Road.
Hope to meet you out on the open road soon. Until then,…
God Bless and Happy Trails!
Best Regards to You and Yours,
Ken Turmel

A few pics from the Red Carpet Tour


Great blog. I put it on my favorites.