Route 66 Mural City Party to roll out good time

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Jan 162011

The Viva Cuba Beautification Organization invites friends, family, and supporters to buy one of the only 300 tickets being sold to the Route 66 Mural City Party on Saturday, May 14 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Cuba.
The ticket admits two people to the dinner, dance, and other festivities. The ticket will give one of the 300 purchasers a chance to win $10,000. Event proceeds will help Viva Cuba pay for mural maintenance and other beautification projects.

Last year, the event, under the sponsorship of the Crawford County Foundation, was the Black and Gold Ball that benefited the high school track project. This year, Viva Cuba is hosting the fundraiser, which will follow the basic guidelines of last year’s event.

An added attraction this year is the Chair-i-table Auction of chairs designed and painted by artists. This year, the Chair-i-table Auction will be held at the Route 66 Mural City Party, with partygoers able to view the chairs and bid during the silent auction.

Scott and Jason Holland will MC the event and keep things lively and the music hopping.
Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of March. Partygoers are urged to buy tickets early as they sell out quickly, and there will be a waiting list. Viva Cuba members and the banks will have tickets for sale.

Viva Cuba hopes the community uses this as an opportunity to get together with friends, family, and even old classmates to have a fun night and a 1-in-300 chance to win $10,000. Mark your calendar now for a good time on May 14 at KC Hall.

Click HERE to visit their website.

This event helps with the creation and preservaton of all the beautiful murals throught the town of Cuba that makes this town a favorite amongst Route 66 travelers!

Losing a part of Route 66 in Missouri

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Jan 132011

Brookfield, Mo. — A remnant of slower times slipped quietly into history this fall as a piece of Americana went by the way of the drive-in theater and poodle skirts. Recently, the Brownlee Roadside Park just east of Brookfield closed.

The small park on top of the hill was a part of many high school courtships and made many a long road trip more bearable by offering a respite for weary travelers stopping to stretch their legs or enjoy a picnic lunch. It was just one of many scattered across the country reminiscent of the Route 66 culture. Now it, like so many bits of history from that simpler time, has closed. Many of these historical quick stops across the U.S. have closed, and Missouri in particular has fallen victim to budget cuts that force the Department of Transportation to choose between pavement and upkeep on a seldom used park.

During the first part of the 20th Century, road building in this country progressed at a rapid pace. Spurred first by the widespread popularity of the bicycle and then by the increased usage of the automobile, road building became part of a passionate march toward progress. As better roads allowed motorists to travel increased distances, it became apparent they would need places to stop along the way. Stopping sites emerged in rural areas where commercial establishments were not available. Often they appeared in areas of scenic interest or merely in places where there was room for a car to pull off the roadway. These earliest waysides materialized out of necessity. When motorists needed or wanted to stop, they pulled off and parked along the roadside.

Herbert F. Larson started the idea of the roadside park. History records the idea goes back to 1918 in the early days of auto touring. Larson was then a history-minded highway engineer just out of the University of Michigan School of Engineering. The inspiration for the roadside park idea came from a disappointed Sunday outing (a country picnic) at a nearby Wisconsin lake. In 1919, northern Wisconsin lake resorts were growing rapidly. On a particular Sunday of that year, Larson tried to have a cookout with a group of people in Wisconsin. Everywhere they went, the property caretaker asked them to not have their picnic on the property and escorted them off the grounds. Larson’s roadside park rest stop idea quickly spread all over the United States in most of the states by the 1920s.

Brownlee Roadside Park, just east of Brookfield, was originally acquired in September of 1954, from the Schaefer, Gelski, and Schreiner families. The park was purchased from the Schaefer, Gelski, and Schreiner families for highway purposes and later turned into a monument park in the name of Brownlee.

Carthage council OKs ‘directions’ for Route 66

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Jan 132011

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Travelers along Route 66 through Carthage will have some better directions once work crews can install street markings approved this week by the City Council.

The council endorsed a recommendation of the city’s public works committee to stencil a Route 66 logo on Garrison Avenue between Central and Oak streets.

“That would provide a clear view of Route 66 through that part of town,” said Tom Short, city administrator.

Many tourists — from the U.S. and other countries — travel the route through Carthage.

“But sometimes people will miss the turn onto Oak Street, so this will have pavement stenciling and probably some turn arrows, so people won’t get lost,” Short said.

He said city crews will do the work in the spring.

The Route 66 Association of Missouri – Quarterly Meeting

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Jan 052011

The Route 66 Association of Missouri – Quarterly Meeting on Sat. January 8, 2011

If I have said it once – I have said it a hundred times – if you can get to one of these – do it!

The Missouri Association are some of the hardest working folks on the route and this is your opportunity to see them in action. They talk about past and future events, planning, restoration, and anything else involving Route 66 throughout Missouri.

One of my favorite times during the meetings is lunch time where you can sit around people who really know the route and have endless amounts of knowledge.

The meeting will take place:
Zeno’s Steak House in Rolla, MO.
Lunch will be served at 12:00 pm
with the general meeting following.

For more information – visit their website by clicking HERE.

Click HERE to download the ‘lunch’ form for the meeting.

MoDOT to hold public meeting about Route 66 State Park Bridge

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Sep 132010

The Missouri Department of Transportation will hold an open-house style public meeting Wednesday, September 15, 2010 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Eureka High School, 4525 Highway 109, Eureka, MO.

The meeting is to discuss the Route 66 State Park Bridge, which was closed in 2009.

The bridge is over the Meramec River and used to carry traffic between the Route 66 State Park visitor’s center and the park. MoDOT closed the bridge when bridge experts determined that the bridge wasn’t safe for travel.

During this open house style meeting, MoDOT will discuss the historical preservation process and the timeline for making a decision on the next step for the Route 66 State Park Bridge. MoDOT continues to work with interested agencies and groups to find one willing to accept the liability and responsibility for maintaining the bridge. If no party is found, MoDOT will need to safely remove the Route 66 State Park Bridge sometime in the near future.

During the public meeting, participants will be able to submit comments about the process and MoDOT’s potential plans for the bridge.

Since there are no formal presentations during the public meeting, participants may attend at any time during the open house.

Route 66 State Park / Meramec River Bridge

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Aug 132010

The Route 66 Association of Missouri needs your help!!
Vote for Route 66 State Park which needs help to restore the Meramec River Bridge.
Coca-Cola is making community involvement more refreshing than ever. Visit to learn about our corporate social responsibility program and get involved. You can vote several times until 8/31.
Click HERE to vote now!!
Click on ‘Get Involved’ – then click on ‘Your Favorite Park’ and then ‘Vote For Your Park’.

Under ‘Search’ – type in Route 66 and then you will be able to vote!! Vote early – vote often!!

Spencer Gas Station – Missouri

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Jun 302010

On my ‘day trip’ from Illinois to Oklahoma, I have come across a lot of buildings on the route. This one really grabbed me and I really did enjoy seeing it. Despite the fact the roof was missing from one section (see picture) the building looked really clean. Truly out in the middle of no where….

Missouri Route 66 License Plate

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May 042010

I contacted the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles to ask them if a ‘Missouri Route 66 plate‘ was available, and they said ‘surprisingly – no’.
I then asked how does it become a reality that the Missouri residents can get one of these (like Illinois, Oklahoma, and New Mexico) and I was told that someone needs to turn in 200+ signatures requesting the plate, and then the person who decides which plates should be made will approve it (or not).
Now, I live in Illinois and am ordering my Route 66 plates for my car – but I feel that everyone who lives, loves, or wants to support Route 66 – should have an opportunity to purchase a plate if they happen to live in one of the 8 states.
Contact the Missouri Route 66 Association via Email and let them know that you want to help try to get these plates.
I spoke with Arizona as well, they needed $35,000 to get a plate going – I told them the ‘check was in the mail’.
I will see what the other states have to say – keep you uposted.

Cruising into the New Decade – 21st Annual Motor Tour

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Apr 192010

The Route 66 Association of Missouri will be “Cruising into the New Decade” on its 21st Annual Motor Tour, September 10, 11 and 12, 2010. The tour will start in Gray Summit, MO and end at Schifferdecker Park in Joplin.
This year’s tour will highlight the many places along Route 66 that the group will look forward to seeing, stopping at, photographing and patronizing going into the next decade. The host motel for Friday night (September 10) will be the Travelodge Six Flags/Gray Summit (“Diamond Inn”) in Gray Summit, MO.
Registration will be held there from 4:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m. that Friday night (September 10), a block of rooms have been secured at the Diamond Inn for tourgoers. That evening there will be a cruise which will feature choice local neon, including the Sunset Motel – an Association success story – and the Gardenway Motel. More details on Friday night activities will be available at registration. On Saturday, the tour will proceed as far as Springfield. There will be “passports” available at registration and “passport stops” between Gray Summit and Springfield. The Saturday evening stop will be at the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven in Springfield, MO, where a block of rooms will be held for tourgoers.
That evening there will be some fine bar-b-que served up by Buckingham’s in Smith Park in Springfield. On Sunday, September 12, the tour will proceed from Springfield to Joplin, taking in a few more passport stops along the way. The tour will conclude at Schifferdecker Park in Joplin with a picnic lunch catered by Columbia Traders Restaurant.

For more information, contact Kip Welborn at 314-776-7385 (, or Jane Dippel at 314-843-7132 (, or visit our website at to to download a registration form.